Who am I?

"I'm just a girl with a lot on her mind and a big love for cats.

Just me.
Just meow."

Sunday, 13 April 2014

So it begins..

Yeah.. hi!
So this is it. My blog. I have zero experience on writing a blog, I am not even English, so I'm probably going to make lots and lots of spelling and grammar mistakes, and right now I am literally writing this for probably only myself to read. And if there actually is somebody besides me who is reading this.. Hello there!

So, if you're the only one who's reading it, why did you start a blog, you may ask? That is because I just wanted to try. I am probably one of many people who would LOVE to have a blog that many people like to read in their spare time, (sometimes not even in their spare time) and I couldn't resist trying. But I've told myself to just write what's on my mind, whether there are two people reading, 100, or absolutely none. If there are people who like to read what I'm writing about, then that's great. But I'm not going to try to advertise it or whatever. 
I have to admit, I once tried to start a YouTube channel. Because of a Glee fan video I made a couple of years ago, I already had around 60 subscribers and I was very optimistic that it would increase as long as I didn't stop making video's. Guess what? I stopped. To me, I sound like a quitter right now. And I probably am one. No, I know I am one. And I really hope I won't stop blogging. But I didn't quit YouTube because I felt like I'd be trying forever and it wouldn't make any difference. I stopped because the finding a video-idea, filming, and the editing took me so long that I didn't have time for other schoolwork. And the dedicated schoolgirl in me (sigh) told me to focus on school. I didn't stop having the dream of becoming a YouTuber. Today I was reading a lot of blogs, which I normally don't even have the patience for, and I figured that I could start one myself. Just to write my thoughts down, clear things up, etc. It's also less time consuming as YouTube, and maybe people will even like reading what I write. so that's why this blog now exists. I have no idea if i will keep posting, or if I will keep having fun writing. That's why I'm not going to do anything to advertise my blog. I'm afraid that if I do, I will be focusing too much on the advertising part instead of the writing part, which also happened a little bit during the whole YouTube fase. When I'm only focusing on the writing part, I'll be myself, and if there are people who like me writing about things that pop up in my head, without having to think about what I should do next and trying to attract as much readers as I can, then I'll be even more motivated to keep going. But, even IF that's going to happen, that'll be waaay into the future. We'll see what happens. 

For now, I'm just a girl with a lot on her mind and a big love for cats.

Just me,
Just meow.

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  1. Aw I love you blog! Keep doing what makes you happy x