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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

London, baby!

I'm going to London in a couple of days, and I COULDN'T BE MORE EXCITED. I live in a very small village, so to be going to such a town as London makes me REAALLY happy! Sad thing is, we only have one afternoon of free time. I'm going there with school so most of it is looking at museums and stuff. Which isn't bad, I mean, we're still in LONDON. But I don't have a lot of time to do all the things there that I'm actually planning on. My plans: Going to Superdrug,  Primark (!!!) and WHSmith or Waterstones. Why, you ask? Oooh I will tell you!

At first, I want to go to Superdrug because of Tanya Burr Lips and Nails. YouTubers again, huh? Yeah. One of my absolute favorite YouTubers is Tanya Burr, a British girl who makes video about beauty, but also just fun video's with her friends, cooking video's, I could go on for a while. She has her own make-up line of lipglosses and nailpolishes, which, if you don't live in England, you can order online HERE. A couple of days ago, I didn't even realize I'm going to England. WHERE I CAN JUST BUY THESE THINGS I'VE WANTED FOR AGES IN STORES. I've got one Tanya Burr lipgloss and one of her nailpolishes, but when I get acces to buy them all, I probably will. And I couldn't be more excited.
If you don't know Tanya, which is doubtful, but I'm not judging. (Okay, judging a little bit.) You can check her out on YouTube or go to her blog. Her YouTube is 

 and her blog is 


The next thing that I'm planning on going to is Primark, which is pretty obvious, I think. Again, I live in a very small town and the nearest Primark (which opened only a couple of weeks ago) is an hour and a half away. Without a driver's license, getting there isn't the easiest thing. I can't WAIT to go to the Primark in London, because it's so different from where I live and I don't get to go to Primark a lot. 

The last thing has to do with YouTubers AGAIN. Not even embarassed. It's about The Pointless Book, something similar to Tanya Burr cosmetics, but.. eh.. Bookform. Alfie Deyes, also known as Pointlessblog on YouTube, has brought out a book. (Which you can also order HERE.) It's kinda similar to Wreck This Journal, but I personally think it's better, cause there are also fun things in there like "How to bake a cake in a mug". Ofcourse, I also think it's better because someone I am a fan of has made it. Alfie does daily vlogs, and just all kinds of video's, now that I think about it. I am probably going to run into that bookstore as fast as I can and buy the first Pointless Book I can find. (And probably make a selfie with it.) 
Alfie's YouTube channel is:

I'm sure a lot of people are going to think it is weird that when I go to London, I have only three stores in mind where I want to go, one of which is a bookstore. But I just love YouTubers so much and I can't wait to buy their stuff. You also must be thinking: "Why do you want to buy all these things in store when you can order them?" Because it's SO EASY THAT WAY. You'll have it right away, you won't have problems with shipping and paymethods and all. I could just take it off the shelf, walk to the counter, pay for it and then IT'LL BE MINE! The thing is, I hope I will be able to go to all those places in one afternoon. I have no clue where everything In London is and I'm very scared that none of the things I want to go to are close to eachother. Nonetheless, I'm very excited to go to such a huge, beautiful place as London and I hope I'm gonna have a great time. I'm going to make a lot of pictures there and I probably am gonna post them right here! If you live in London/have been there, please comment where I should go to as well! c:

Monday, 8 September 2014

Little things of joy!

Everybody has had a moment in their life where they needed something to cheer them up. My God, I'm sure everybody has had plenty of those kind of moments. Lately, I've been having a lot of those. So I decided to make a list of all the things I use that can give me that extra little bit of happiness that will turn my mood around! 

(I was going to say: "turn that frown upside down!" But if I did that, I would have to kill myself afterwards.

I'm sure this won't help all the time, it doesn't always work for me, either. There are just moments in your life where you need to lie in your bed with all the food you can find and three packs of tissues. Those moments suck, believe me, I KNOW. But these little things are for when your mood is "fixable". c: 

1. Cuddles!

Well, according to the name of this blog, this one is pretty obvious, isn't it? CAT-CUDDLES! I love my cat to death and cuddling her can cheer me up so much. Most of the time when I'm sad and I pick her up, she cuddles up to me like she knows I need it. And, ofcourse, it doesn't have to be a cat. Most of the people have a pet, and just the love you get from an animal can really change a mood. If you don't have a pet: try hugging a stuffed animal. It may sound, look, or feel stupid, but believe me: it helps too! I'm a sixteen year old girl and I'm not embarassed to say that I sleep with a big pink turtle wearing a tutu. And that's not something everyone can say, I'm sure. 

2. YouTube!

Yeah.. well. If you've read another blog post of mine, you will know that this one is kinda obvious as well. I just love YouTubers. I watch more YouTube than regular TV. So when I feel like nobody should talk to me for a couple of hours, I'll start up my laptop (or phone, depends on where I am) and go straight to YouTube, where I'll watch all the new video's my favorite YouTubers uploaded. If there are no new video's OR I've finished watching all of them and I still don't feel like I should act social at that point, I will rewatch the old ones that are my favorite. Everytime a friend says he/she is sad and they want a cheer-up but they don't want to be around people, I tell them to go to YouTube. There are SO MANY different kind of video's, there are always ones you'll enjoy. Plus, while you're looking for video's you might like, you're already distracted from the thing that caused your sadness!


Really though, everybody on the internet is always "overreacting" about how much they want to be in their bed right now and that they never want to leave it again. THAT IS NOT OVERREACTING. My GOD I love my bed. Not kidding: My bed can change my mood in an instant. It's so COMFY and when I lie in my bed after a long day of school/work, it feels SO. GOOD. It's kinda bed, (HAHAHAHHA PUN.) but whenever I'm in my room, I will be lying in bed.. Do you think that's bed? (HAHAHAHHAH.) (Okay I'll stop now, people are gonna think I'm just horrible at spelling.)

4. Eating. Not even joking. I'm so hungry right now.

Eating can cheer me up so much. I'm SO unhealthy, and I want to try to do something about that, but when I get home from school, I can easily eat a whole bag of crisps. A couple of days ago, we celebrated our town and a friend of mine brought cakes. There were 6 left. Two days later, I had eaten them all. No shame. Although I did write this one down, I don't recommend it. As I said, it's very unhealthy if you eat bad stuff everytime you're sad. But it DOES help!


Yeah, these four things can cheer me up the most, especially when I'm watching YouTube while laying in bed, with my cat on my lap and stuffing some food in my face. 

Those were a couple of things that can REALLY cheer me up, next to my friends and family ofcourse, but I know there will be moments where I just want to be alone. I hope this gave you some ideas of what to do when you're feeling down. Feel free to comment what you do when you're in a weird depressed mood, I'm REALLY curious what kind of things you can do besides these. :)


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tiny update!

"Where have you been?" Well, actually, nowhere. I just kind of "forgot" to blog, cause I'm totally not used to it. But since I've been very bored and had the feeling I should do something more productive and something I can focus on, I decided to give this another go! I love writing these posts, I just forget I can. This is a very, VERY tiny and VERY quick blog update, since it's kinda late and I have to sleep soon since I have school tomorrow. 

(Okay, well, this is great. It's a half an hour later now because I searched for that picture on google and got.. eh.. distracted.. *CAT PICTURES*)

So yeah, I'm gonna pick up blogging again and see where it goes. I hope you will enjoy it and that I am going to be better at it. :')

Goodnight for now!